Automate the Unautomatable in Insurance.

document processing automation for Insurance
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Are your underwriters, adjusters, and claims processors bogged down by manually extracting data from complex submissions and claims documents? Not anymore!

AI-powered document processing automation for Insurance

Unstract is an enterprise-grade automation platform designed specifically for the unstructured data that insurance carriers, brokers, and agents navigate daily. Unstract brings efficiency into how commercial submissions and complex claims are processed, transforming manual, time-consuming tasks into automated, efficient workflows.

Unstract is an AI-powered document processing automation system that works with unstructured documents of any format, type, and design. The extracted data can be consumed in multiple formats: spreadsheets, JSON, a table in a database, or sent to your system with an API.

Unstract helps improve operational efficiency by automating critical insurance workflows in claims processing and underwriting.
When humans are involved, errors are introduced, and processes that should take minutes are prolonged to days or weeks.

Insurance automation use cases solved by Unstract

Unstract enables critical data retrieval at high accuracy. This enables insurers to make faster underwriting decisions and automate the following processes at scale:

  • Processing loss run reports
  • Insurance risk assessment
  • KYC approvals
  • Bordereaux management
  • Insurance Quotation processing
  • Customer onboarding

Unstract: Versatile and document-agnostic

Unstract enables accurate data extraction from documents of any type, form, format, and complexity across the insurance processing lifecycle. Unstract supports the following most common document types:

  • Insurance claims forms
  • First notice of loss (FNOL)
  • Insurance invoices
  • Policy terms & contracts
  • Policy applications
  • Legal & compliance documents
  • Itemised bill for healthcare
  • KYC documents

Key benefits of Unstract

Reduce cycle time and increase capacity
Process submissions and claims faster than ever. Handle more business without adding headcount.

Cut costs and boost operational efficiency
Automated workflows with improved accuracy eliminate manual errors and rework, leading to significant cost savings and efficiency.

Increased accuracy
Better accuracy in the data extraction helps avoid claims leakages and better flagging of fraudulent claims.

Better Customer
Reducing human-in-loop touchpoints helps minimise delays and results in faster customer complaint resolution.

Automated Compliance
Unstract helps ensure that the extracted data adheres to established compliance standards and legal requirements.

Smarter Decisions
Extracting relevant data that is always trustworthy and predictable helps underwriters to make confident decisions.

In-depth: How Unstract Automates Document Processing

Document Ingestion

Ingest data from any source or even multiple sources—Dropbox, S3 Object Storage, data lakes, and more. Handle large volumes of data of any format, form, and type seamlessly. Scaling processes and flexibly handling any document use case should never be your problem anymore.

Data Extraction

Documents can be complex: widely varying formats and encodings, scans of images, numbered sections, and complex tables. Unstract leverages AI to understand, process, and extract data with high accuracy levels and outputs in both human and machine-readable formats.

Data Validation

Unstract enables you to trust the data extracted from the documents by assigning confidence scores. Metrics related to correctness, relevance, and toxicity help you decide how to consume data in downstream systems.

Downstream Integration

In goes unstructured documents, and out comes beautifully structured JSON or a downloadable Excel file format. The extracted data can be readily consumed across custom applications, stored in data warehouses or sent to your reporting and analytics tools.

Unstract Automation Hub

Extract data from your documents instantly with our ready-made document APIs

Unstract’s pre-built document APIs make it easy to integrate data extraction into your workflows. No need to manage complex technologies like LLMs or vector databases. Choose the document type, POST the document to the Unstract API, and get beautifully structured JSON back!

What about documents that are not on the automation hub? This is where Unstract is different from legacy OCR systems, which don’t go beyond the built-in extraction templates. 

This is precisely why Unstract has Prompt Studio.  Prompt Studio is a no-code tool that enables you to extract data from any complex document — all by leveraging AI. Extract data once and automate the rest by deploying it as an:

  1. ETL pipeline that runs on specific document sources, and on specific schedules. 
  2. API endpoint that you can run on your custom applications and other workflow systems.

What’s next?

If you are looking for modern solutions to automate your document processing workflows at your organization, do schedule a call with us. We’ll help you understand how Unstract leverages AI to solve document processing automation and how it differs from traditional OCR, and RPA solutions.


If you are at InsurTech, 2024 Spring Conference, in New York on March 20-21, We look forward to interacting with you.
Do find us at booth #8 and say hello to Naren and Kevin who will be more than happy to give you a 1-on-1 demo of Unstract.