Use LLMs to eliminate manual processes involving unstructured data.

Large Language Models just gave computers a shot in the arm, allowing them to take over a lot of manual work that required a human in the loop. Unstract’s no code platform makes automation with LLMs a cinch.
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Enterprises — welcome to the era of
Large Language Models

LLMs are powerful, but their output is as good as the input you provide. Documents can be a mess: widely varying formats and encodings, scans of images, numbered sections, and complex tables.

Extracting data from these documents and blindly feeding them to LLMs is not a good recipe for reliable results. LLMWhisperer is technology that presents data from complex documents to LLMs in a way they’re able to best understand it.
LLMs can have human-level language understanding and reasoning capabilities. But, the trouble is when they’re wrong, they can be wrong. Hallucinations and just plain wrong results mean you need to double-check all output. You might as well do things manually.

LLMEval lets you trust output from LLMs by using two LLMs in a maker-checker configuration with varying contexts, creating a confidence score for all output and bifurcating results confidently for consumption or sending them to a review queue.
Large Language Models need a new set of metrics and observability systems given their probabilistic and non-deterministic nature. Unstract allows you to peer into how your data and LLMs interact—during the build phase of your projects, and more importantly—while running projects in production.

Integrate in minutes

Automate the furthest nooks of your business

ETL Pipelines, but with added magic

Activate, analyze and utilize unstructured data.

Have unstructured data in your data lake or on object storage? Unstract’s ETL Pipeline integrations can help structure unstructured data documents and move data into your data warehouse.

From there, you can transform, analyze and activate data. There’s no need to differentiate between unstructured and structured data anymore.

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Unstructured data in, JSON out

Empower your applications to handle unstructured data.

Enable any app to handle unstructured data without the heavy-lifting of having to deal with LLMs or associated ecosystem tools.

Our API Hub already supports various, common document types. You can add support for custom document formats with the Prompt Studio. No code required

Unstract API Hub

Unstructured Documents
to JSON in a single API call

Structure various common unstructured documents in a single API call. Integration is a cinch

Prompt Studio: Make a wish

Automate extraction of key, structured information from unstructured documents with a refreshing no-code approach.

Unstract Prompt Studio
  • Load multiple documents of the same class to ensure you get consistent results for a wide range of documents
  • Compare results from various chords—the combination of an LLM, embedding model, and a vector database
  • Trace and debug RAG problems visually
  • Eval and Observability is built right in
Project ready? Integrate to solve real work automation problems with ease and flexibility.
  • Deploy Workflows as ETL Pipelines if you have data in object storage or a data lake
  • Deploy as API Endpoints should you need to enable existing applications with the ability to process unstructured data
  • Have ad-hoc tasks like document classification in mind? We have Task Pipelines for that
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A conversation is better than a search.

Finding answers is better than finding documents that might contain answers.

Unstract’s DocDialog technology lets users in your organization converse with documents from a wide variety of supported sources. With SSO support, you control who gets access to what. With an intuitive chat interface, there’s nothing new to learn.

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Manual processes belong to a
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