AI-powered Document Processing Automation for Financial Services

Use AI to eliminate manual processes involving unstructured documents. Unstract enables accurate data extraction from documents of any type, form, format, and complexity across any financial service workflow.


Rethinking Finance Process Automation

Unstract helps improve operational efficiency by automating critical finance workflows in mortgage origination and lending approvals. Unstract seamlessly integrates and scales with your present infrastructure and finance processes.


Mortgage Origination

No more time-consuming manual, error-prone data retrieval. Improve the speed and accuracy of loan underwriting with the power of AI.

Customer Onboarding (KYC)

Unstract enables critical data retrieval at high accuracy. This enables underwriters to verify and onboard customers faster.

Consumer & Corporate Lending

Learn how Unstract’s AI-powered document processing enables better and faster lending decisions with improved risk mitigation.

Credit decisioning

Reduce turnaround times and improve document processing accuracy for faster and more efficient credit decisioning process.

Insurance Triaging

Learn how Unstract’s AI-powered insurance triaging automation helps improve accuracy, reduce claims leakages, and improve profitability.

Commission payments

No more unscalable, manual and error-prone commission management that takes more resources, effort, and time.

Other use cases supported.

One versatile solution to process finance documents of any type



Automate the furthest nooks of your finance workflows.

Seamlessly integrate unstructured data workflows with Unstract’s ETL Pipelines or into your existing applications via API Deployments.

Document Ingestion

Ingest finance documents from any source or even multiple sources — Dropbox, S3 Object Storage, data lakes and more. Handle large volumes of data of any format, form, and type seamlessly.  Scaling processes and flexibly handling any document use case should never be your problem any more.

Data Extraction

Finance Documents can be complex: widely varying formats and encodings, scans of images, numbered sections, and complex tables. Unstract leverages AI to understand, process, and extract data with high accuracy levels and outputs in both human and machine-readable formats.

Data Validation

Unstract enables you to trust the data extracted from the documents by assigning confidence scores. Metrics related to correctness, relevance, and toxicity help you decide how to consume data in downstream systems.

Downstream integration

In goes unstructured documents and out comes beautifully structured JSON or a downloadable Excel file format. The extracted data can be readily consumed across custom applications, stored in data warehouses or send it to your reporting and analytics tools.


Why choose Unstract for Finance Automation

Operational efficiency

Reducing the manual activity in claims processing leads to a faster time to insurance resolution.

Increased accuracy

Better accuracy in the data extraction helps avoid claims leakages and better flagging of fraudulent claims.

Customer satisfaction

Reducing human-in-loop touchpoints helps minimise delays and results in faster customer complaint resolution.

Automated Compliance

Unstract helps ensure that the extracted data adheres to established compliance standards and legal requirements.

Increase profitability

Faster turnaround times, reduced manual labour, and improved predictability in scaling help cut costs and improve profits.

Smarter Decisions

Extracting relevant data that is always trustworthy and predictable helps underwriters to make confident decisions.

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Secure and Compliant, Always

Unstract adheres to the strict rules and regulations of various compliance authorities.
Rest assured, we have policies, systems, and processes to ensure that your data is always safe, secure, and private

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