Get complex documents ready for LLM consumption

LLMs are powerful, but their output is as good as the input you provide. LLMWhisperer is a technology that presents data from complex documents (different designs and formats) to LLMs in a way that they can best understand.

Process up to 100 pages a day completely free! No credit card required.


Don’t let document complexities hold you back any longer

Layout-preserving output for better accuracy from LLMs

Large Language Models do a good job of extracting complex data, especially repeating sections and line items when the layout of documents is preserved in the extracted text. LLMWhisperer’s Layout Preserving mode lets you realize maximum accuracy from LLMs. 


Checkboxes and radio buttons? Don’t sweat it! They’re taken care of!

Checkboxes and radio buttons are a very common feature of documents that are used as forms. It’s important to read their values correctly in order to make sense of such documents and process them down the chain. LLMWhisperer reads checkboxes and radio buttons in an LLM-friendly way.


Capabilities that help optimize both time and cost investments

Auto mode switching

While processing documents, LLMWhisperer can switch automatically to OCR mode if text mode extraction fails to generate sufficient output. You don’t have to worry about the extraction mode when sending documents.


The more tokens that go to the LLM, the more time it takes to process your prompts and the more expensive it becomes. With LLMWhisperer’s Auto-compaction, tokens that might not add value to the output are compacted—all while preserving layout.


To get the best of results, you can control how pre-processing of the scanned images is done. Parameters like Median Filter and Gaussian Blur can be influenced via the API, if needed.

Flexible deployment options


High-performance, fully managed SaaS offering. No more dealing with updates, security, or other maintenance tasks – we’ve got you covered.


We offer a reliable way of deploying LLMwhisperer on your own servers to ensure the security of ultra-sensitive data.


There’s more

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Prep data from complex documents for use in Large Language Models